Changing the way we research and fight cancer


“Almost everyone has been touched by a personal or loved one’s diagnosis of a form of cancer.  That’s why PrecisionProfile is tirelessly driven to transform cancer care through technology, science and collaborative research and deliver advanced clinical and social innovation for the discovery and identification of new and effective patient centered cancer care and treatments.”   

Dr. Dan Theodorescu M.D., PhD

Dr. Dan Theodorescu M.D., PhD

“The PrecisionProfile platform enables us to more quickly understand underlying genomic alterations. This will change the drug discovery process from one that is largely based on trial and error to one that is specific, targeted and more easily assessed in clinical trials. This will amplify our research funds by making our researchers more productive and enabling new treatments for bladder and other cancers.

It will also enable me to be more informed in my role as an oncologist, by enabling me to fully understand and investigate the clinical and genomic profiles of my patients.”


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